How to detect messed up CloudFormation resources - part 2

Keep your infrastructure-as-code tidy

Erik Lundevall-Zara

10 min, 1933 words

In part 1 we introduced an AWS CloudFormation feature called Drift Detection, with which we can detect (uncontrolled) changes to the resources we manage via CloudFormation. We showed this in the AWS Management Console.

In this part, we are creating simple scripts to start the drift detection process on our CloudFormation stacks, as well as checking the result of detected drifts on the stacks. This will allow us not only to check on a single stack at a time but also on multiple stacks and multiple regions in one operation.

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How to avoid unexpected AWS costs

Keep your costs under control

Erik Lundevall-Zara

12 min, 2239 words

If you are a user of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services, you have most likely run into the situation where you have some resources costing money that came as a surprise. They may have been resources someone forgot to turn off once they were done or something that has accumulated more resources over time - or simply cost much more than expected. There is a joke that says that AWS does not charge by usage, but by what you forget to turn off…

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