Working backwards is the way forward

Consider your customer, and start there

Erik Lundevall-Zara

5 min, 825 words

Have you been in a situation where you have chosen a specific solution to a set of problems because it seemed to be the right thing to use, only to discover later that it did not work well at all, was too expensive, or no one used it? I have been in that position multiple times. It is too easy to let the engineer brain find a solution before actually understanding the problem and directly believe what the problem is, without doing the research.

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How to simplify project setup with Projen

Project setup as code

Erik Lundevall-Zara

9 min, 1792 words

Whenever you start a new software project and set up a repository for it, what do you do? Run a package manager tool (npm/yarn init, poetry init, cargo init, etc.) to get some starting items in place, then start to copy various configuration files from previous projects that were useful?

Or use scaffolding to set up an initial project setup, and then start copying files from other repositories that have valuable configurations to tweak these?

Or have a repository template as a starting point and work from there?

Either way, setting up a project can sometimes be time-consuming work. There are testing tools, linters, version control workflows, CI/CD pipeline setup, and all sorts of things that add to the quality of life for a project but require time and work.

I have done and used all of the above, and while I usually can get some decent starting point for a project, I still need to spend some time tweaking things a bit more each time.

These issues are why Projen piqued my interest.

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